Gas Heating

Shoalhaven Gas Heating

The advantages of heating your home with gas are abundant. Gas is unaffected by the weather as it is delivered via underground pipelines. As well as being reliable, gas provides instant heat. As soon as ignition is lit your home will feel the warmth instantaneously. Gas is cleaner burning than any other energy source, and therefore gas appliances have a long operational life and require less maintenance. Gas is cost effective and will save you money in the long term. Compared to coal or oil, gas produces very low carbon emissions- around 70% less than other fossil fuels. We offer sales, installation, repairs and maintenance of portable gas heaters and gas log heaters.

Gas Space Heaters

We sell, repair and offer maintenance on both convector and radiant portable gas heaters. We can also convert your heater from LPG to Natural gas and vice versa should your heater not be compatible with the type of gas provided in your home. Our experts will guide you in choosing the appropriate heater to heat your space.

Gas Log Heaters

Gas log heaters provide a warm ambiance within any room and create a relaxing mood in your home. If you want the look of a fireplace without the fuss, then this product is for you. We stock the Cannon range of Gas Log Heaters.

Cannon Gas Fireplaces

Canterbury Freestanding

An elegant, curved appearance effortlessly suits any home. The double glazed window allows unobstructed viewing of the flames, creating the perfect feel of a flickering log fire in your home. An impressive energy efficiency rating delivers heat effectively. The heater can be safely placed on all floor surfaces, making it suitable for the family rooms and large living areas of modern Australian homes.

Canterbury In built

Gently curving front glass that continues through the surround makes a refined, elegant statement. Safe double glazed glass gives you an unobstructed view of your flickering log fire. Replacing old gas or oil space heaters requires minimum effort as this particular model only has a depth requirement of 363mm. If adding the optional 50mm spacer kit, the depth required is reduced to an incredible 313mm. An optional mock installation kit makes your heater suitable for installation with timber or plasterboard (combustible surfaces).

Fitzroy In built

Designed for Australian needs by Australian craftsman, the Fitzroy Profile Inbuilt Gas Heater has become a proven favourite. Enjoy a panoramic view of realistic eucalypt look logs, as the all new Profile series Fitzroy is now supplied with a double glazed fascia as standard. A clean, fuss free design with high heat output and superb energy efficiency. Neatly fits the cavity of existing gas or oil space heaters.