Gas Water Heaters

Gas storage water heaters ensure you are not left with insufficient hot water. Built to meet Australia’s tough conditions, they can provide even large families with trouble-free hot water.

Rheem Metro Series

Metro Series

  • 6 Star Energy Rating
  • 16L, 24L & 26L/min models
  • Great for building projects
  • Recess box available
  • 26 Litre/minute continuous hot water delivery – suitable for 2- 5 people
  • Sleek new design, new colour, concealed screws for a clean look
  • 50ºC models available adjustable up to 53ºC at installation
  • Digital OK monitor displays error codes and shows the set hot water temperature
  • 10 year parts & 3 year labour on heat exchanger.*
  • 3 year parts & labour warranty on all other components, for domestic (non-commercial) installations only

Rheem 12L to 27L systems

  • 6 Star Energy Rating
  • Sizes from 12L – 27L/min
  • Compact design – great where space is limited
  • 10 year parts & 3 years labour on heat exchanger*.
  • 3 year parts & labour warranty on all other components, for domestic (Non-commercial) installations only
  • Flamesafe® overheat protection — shuts down the water heater before overheating can occur.
  • Electronic remote temperature controllers — for accurate setting of the ideal, safe temperature for bathroom and kitchen.
  • Rheem Q Factor™ — ensures rapid hot water every time, with none of the fluctuations that occur with some continuous flow units.
  • Extra safety — 50°C temperature limited models available.
Rheem Continuous Flow Series
Rheem Pronto Instantaneous


Rheem Pronto® instantaneous water heaters deliver category-leading performance. Along with 6 Star energy efficiency, Pronto also features an inbuilt hydro-electric generator that lights the gas as soon as the hot water tap is turned on – so no electrical connection is required. Features:

  • Rheem Pronto uses the same mounting points & connections as the most common mechanical water heaters.
  • No electrical connection required
  • Easy and fast installation
  • Electronic Temperature Control
  • Pressure relief valve protects the water heater against high water pressure
  • Inlet water strainer
  • Inbuilt gas pressure regulator
  • Designed in Australia for Australian conditions
  • 10 year parts & 3 years labour warranty on heat exchanger

Rheem Stellar


  • 5 Star efficiency
  • Outstanding 200L/hour hot water recovery
  • 330L to 360L of hot water in the first hour
  • Large enough for the largest family
  • 10 year cylinder warranty
Rheem Stellar Gas
Rheem 4 Star Gas

Rheem 4 Star


  • More energy efficient than the 3 star you are replacing
  • 248L of hot water in the first hour
  • Rheem Hi-Temp thermostat enables you to select a higher temperature if desired
  • 170L capacity model also available for even more hot water
  • 7 year cylinder warranty

Rheem 5 Star


  • 5 star efficiency
  • Strong 145L/hour hot water recovery
  • 275L or 305L of hot water in the first hour
  • 50°C RheemPlus models available
  • 7 year cylinder warranty
Rheem 5 Star Gas