Did you know that the most water usage in your home comes from the shower? Yes, statistics show that 34% of indoor water use in the average Australian home comes from the shower, followed by 26% from the toilet and 23% in the laundry.

Relying on willpower alone, especially in winter, is generally not enough to reduce the length of your showers. Fortunately, there are a number of affordable strategies you can implement to reduce your shower water usage. A shower timer is one such device.

What Is A Shower Timer?

We all love a long hot shower. But with around 30% of the average home’s water use coming from the shower, it makes sense to reduce the time we spend showering.

A shower timer is a way to stop the flow of hot water to your shower at a preset time. Most homeowners will set their shower lengths to either 5 or 6 minutes.

Depending on the model you install, you will get a warning  (usually a quick burst of cold water) one minute before the shower is turned off. You can use a shower timer with your existing shower head or install a water-saving shower head for extra savings on your utility bills.

Benefits Of A Shower Timer

Saving water and energy are the two most obvious benefits of installing a shower timer. Reducing your use of these resources not only saves you money but has a wider ecological impact.

While the lack of rain over a sustained period has resulted in dam levels dropping to 53.6 per cent, and Level 1 water restrictions being put into place in Sydney, there’s no reason not to apply water saving principles all year round.

If we consider that the last time water restrictions were introduced in 2003 demand plunged (by approximately twenty to thirty litres per person per day), changing our behaviours permanently surely isn’t that big an ask.

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