Skylight technology has come a long way and there are now dozens of different skylights on the market designed to suit a whole range of places and spaces. Not only are skylights an excellent source of natural light, they can save you money and allow for flexibility when you are restricted by what size windows you can use. Here are 5 other benefits of skylights you may not have considered.

Make Savings on Your Energy Bill

As the name suggests skylights admit light into your home. Natural light is free and will reduce your reliance on artificial light. Some estimates suggest that skylights can provide up to 3 times more light as a vertical window of a similar size while also letting in heat from the sun. All this adds up to lower electricity and/or gas bills for you!

More Privacy

Even in regional areas, modern housing is often built very close together. The main detraction from this high-density housing is a lack of privacy. Skylights are a great solution in areas where a window may seem too intrusive. For example, you could install a skylight in a bathroom or bedroom where your neighbours have a clear view. You still get all the natural light that a window provides without having to worry about covering up.

Low Maintenance

Skylights don’t need much more than the occasional clean and checking that there’s no debris caught around the exterior. Any moving parts will also need to be checked periodically.

Boost Your Mood and See Better

Did you know that natural light improves concentration? It’s easier to read in natural light, particularly as you get older, therefore you can read comfortably without straining and inducing a headache. A skylight also exposes you to Vitamin D which has been proven to have multiple health benefits.

Temperature Control

Skylights are an excellent way to ventilate rooms, again saving you money on your power bills. Opening a skylight draws in cooler air and releases any trapped hot air as it rises. Each skylight works differently so you’ll need to familiarise yourself with the features of your particular model to take advantage of its ventilation capabilities.

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